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Story Development & Designer Graphic

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Naufal Ahmad Shiddiq

Story Development, Designer Graphic

Short Story About Me!

I was born in Bogor on 14th November, 1999 with my beloved parents. Until i grow up, i have finished my study in Elementary School, Junior High School, Vocational High School with Multimedia Department and now i in study Bachelor Degree (S1) Science Communication Department. I build my own studios developing in creative industry, animation and comic named "Anindosta" with my friend from Vocational High School. We have same goal to achive and build animation and comic studios in Indonesia in the future was begin on 2014.

Professional Experience

I developing bussiness with my friend named "Anindosta" working in animation and comic IP.

  • Internship at PT. Arm Cipta Mulia Development (2017)

I was internship in property residence bussiness named "Arm Cipta Mulia" in Vocational High School.

  • Freelancer at Imeut Creative (2017)

I was making graphic designer for yearly book children and video editor for wedding documentation.

  • Freelancer at X-Mograph Photography (2017)

I was making name card design for bussiness working in photography.

I was making wallpaper for back drop class in Smk Informatika Pesat.

  • Freelancer at Astra International (2019)

I was making poster and presentation design for ESR Division on PT. Astra International, tbk.

  • Internship at Puslitbang Hutan Kota Bogor (2020)

I was internship in Puslitbang Hutan Bogor under authority Indonesian Ministry of Forestry as graphic designer and press agentry.


  • TOP 25 Finalist Astra Startup Challange (2019)

  • Finalist Deureuham Competition (2019)

  • Finalist Diplomat Success Challange (2019)

  • Finalist Kewirausahaan Mahasiswa Indonesia (KMI) Expo dan Professional Launching, Batam (2019)

  • Winner Kompetisi Bisnis Mahasiswa Indonesia/ KBMI (2020)

  • Finalist Kewirausahaan Mahasiswa Indonesia (KMI) Expo, Jakarta (2020)


Graphic Designer

Video Editor

Video Effects

Public Communication

Social Media Publishing

Story Development (Films and Comic)

My Blog


First year i come to Djuanda University, i entering the organization in Faculty of Social and Politic Science or usually called FISIP. Sometimes in class, my friend ask me about my skill to make a graphic design and i invited by senior colleger to enter DPM. I was very confused because i dont know what it's. For the first time, i join the meeting of DPM administrator, i slowly know about DPM. DPM (Dewan Perwakilan Mahasiswa) it is an faculty organization same as like DPR but this organization control BEM (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa).

And i meet other administrator from other level of studies. Most time in DPM organization it's meeting for a coordination with BEM in several moment. I rarely to come in the meeting because i must to study and i very lay about that organization. Until i with other administrator making big meeting or Musyawarah Besar to report about work responsibility in one year past.

I know mr. Fajar as leader of DPM organization, that enough very closer between us to chatting and discussion. My friend in same level studies start to join assemblage in communication study program and public administration study program. Normaly, i must to enter assemblage for the first time in university but bad rules make me stuck in DPM. DPM is the highest organization in faculty, but i in junior level can enter that organization it's very weird for me and my friends.

I invited by new leader of DPM organization to be second leader DPM because i have one year experience in DPM before with mr. Fajar. Mr. Hanafi as new leader of DPM organization in 2019 want me to join again in DPM and help they administrator to run new administrator DPM organization. I accept the invitation, but i most working in publication media on Instagram or blog of DPM organization to inform the colleger about meeting schedule, meeting result, or other else. It's working well until i with Hanafi's administrator finished the position in DPM organization on November 2020.

For now, i make promise to no longer in faculty organization, BEM or DPM organization because i want to focus finished my study and my business to achive the goal. That my experience in university organization on two year from i junior level study until middle level study now.


Back to 2014, i was sit on Junior High School in lastly before gradute. I very like animation of Malaysia, that very awesome in story, and visual graphic. I think, when Indonesia can make like that, very awesome if my coutry can produce animation like that. So, i with my friend, Yovan try to make name of animation studios if somedays we can build that. We found the name of studios after several minutes thinking, we try to combine every word to become local animation with international class. The name is Anindosta (Animasi Indonesia Semesta/ Indonesian Animation Universe) that result of our mind, we dont know to make that dream become real. We absolutly dont know how to develop that dream until i go to Vocational High School after 1 years to finish my Junior High School. 

I just remember that dream, and i meet new friend. I see that potential skill of animation is  draw a sketch, and some picture painting. I interest to develop that dream with him, named Danang. I meet too with other friend in same interest is watching Malaysia animation film, and i try to make friendship with him too, named Ryan. We try to develop Anindosta together, sometimes i have to try make they still belive to this dream can change Indonesian animation industry. We try too make a team, and send many proposal to television studio, and else in first year in Vocational High School. We have many problem in outside, and inside the team. Different idea of concept and story make some serious problem and then i have to decide the best solution for the problem. But, it not easy to do, the problem can't pure solved. I still try to continue to make this dream become big goal in the future with loyal team.

Many member of team will selected by condition, some people want to do in other different way, and some people else try to develop project of Anindosta it's Volter Stein's. Very hard process to do, many problem come one by one try to make our surrender but i with my heart still beliving this dream. Not to develop the entrepreneur but develop the noble mission of this dream it's make peace in every world with entertainment field like animation film and comic project. Until now, i with team continue to prove it about the true of this dream, we called "Anindosta".


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