Short Story About Naufal Ahmad Shiddiq


I was born in Bogor on 14th November, 1999 with my beloved parents. Until i grow up, i have have finished my formal studies started from Elementary School of Polisi 1 Bogor, Junior High School of SMPN 7 Bogor, Vocational High School of Informatika Pesat Bogor with Multimedia major and Bachelor Degree of Djuanda University Bogor with Science Communication major. I was built my "vehicle" to own dream developing animation & comic named Anindosta with my friends, Yovan, Ryan, Danang. We have same goal to achive and build futuristic animation and comic studios in Indonesia in the future was begin on October 2014.

Life Stories

Since childhood, i have some curious about electricity. Every electric things who has gonna buy, i quickly to break to some a part. Some dinamo, wireless control, switch and more else i used to making some random things. That my hobbies, when other child like to playing games or sport activities but myself taking time to do that all the day after comeback from school and in the day off school. Until i go to Junior High School, in my some school task in english language. My Teacher give the task to make a tutorial with english conversation and edited videos. That first i do some creative activities to edit videos and then i have curious to explore more things like design, simple web coding with tools who i knowed. Its funny, like making poster design with Ms. Word because i dont understand about editing software like Photoshop. 

Then i saw animated movies who i very excited and makes me loves to that animation, its Boboiboy. I become first fan who collect all photos and edited to be some poster or just creative models. Not just a pictures but i explore too in videos who edited with part-part in movies to be new creation and published in Youtube just for some fan creation. Because of that, my friends in Junior High School named Yovan give me some motivation and sugest to making animation studios if i like that. It can make Indonesian animation with high quality who never ever imagine before. In that moment i very motivated and have high spirit to that words and make me going to Vocational High School.

I follow the requirement to entering Public School but my score of nation exam test is under of the minimum. But i have to entering Vocational School with Private School its maybe more expensive cost to pay every month and for registration. Some lucky moment, i got scholarship from school because i be one of some people who achive highest score in the end of semester study. I very grateful for that i never expect before and can help me to continue study with half of monthly education cost. With slowly i find some people who can help me to achive that dream, its very hard actually but in the end i got that people. Some friends join in the first and leaving cause some reason, different purpose or maybe school task pushed or any but its normal to see. At least i found some people who survive and have same goals and motivation to continue with me until now. 

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