Journey to Build Anindosta Studios


Back to 2014, i was sit on Junior High School in lastly before gradute. I very like animation of Malaysia, that very awesome in story, and visual graphic. I think, when Indonesia can make like that, very awesome if my coutry can produce animation like that. So, i with my friend, Yovan try to make name of animation studios if somedays we can build that. We found the name of studios after several minutes thinking, we try to combine every word to become local animation with international class. The name is Anindosta (Animasi Indonesia Semesta/ Indonesian Animation Universe) that result of our mind, we dont know to make that dream become real. We absolutly dont know how to develop that dream until i go to Vocational High School after 1 years to finish my Junior High School. 

I just remember that dream, and i meet new friend. I see that potential skill of animation is  draw a sketch, and some picture painting. I interest to develop that dream with him, named Danang. I meet too with other friend in same interest is watching Malaysia animation film, and i try to make friendship with him too, named Ryan. We try to develop Anindosta together, sometimes i have to try make they still belive to this dream can change Indonesian animation industry. We try too make a team, and send many proposal to television studio, and else in first year in Vocational High School. We have many problem in outside, and inside the team. Different idea of concept and story make some serious problem and then i have to decide the best solution for the problem. But, it not easy to do, the problem can't pure solved. I still try to continue to make this dream become big goal in the future with loyal team.

Many member of team will selected by condition, some people want to do in other different way, and some people else try to develop project of Anindosta it's Volter Stein's. Very hard process to do, many problem come one by one try to make our surrender but i with my heart still beliving this dream. Not to develop the entrepreneur but develop the noble mission of this dream it's make peace in every world with entertainment field like animation film and comic project. Until now, i with team continue to prove it about the true of this dream, we called "Anindosta".

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